5 Tried-and-True Ways to Save Energy During the Winter

We all strive to save money and be more eco-friendly, but as the nights grow longer and the temperatures keep dropping, it’s easy to spend more energy on heating than we realize. 

Luckily, there are ways to make your HVAC system more efficient that don’t require you to completely overhaul the insulation on your home or invest in a brand new heating installation in Cherry Hill, NJ. 

In previous articles, we gave you some tips on how to figure out if your furnace needs cleaning and how to prepare it for the upcoming winter. Now we’ll take that a step further by listing 5 time-tested methods you can use to save energy during the colder months. Read on.

What is the most energy efficient temperature in the winter?

How can I be more energy efficient in the winter?

Did you know that you can save as much as 10% per year on cooling and heating by turning your thermostat back 7-10 degrees fahrenheit from its usual setting for 8 hours per day? This percentage is even greater if you live in a milder climate.

During the winter, you can save a considerable amount of energy by setting the thermostat to 68 degrees fahrenheit while you’re up and about, and setting it lower while you’re outside or sleeping. 

The reason for this is that there’s a lot less heat loss when the temperatures are lower. As a result, your HVAC system will need to expend less energy to maintain the temperatures in your home than it would if you kept it at a higher thermostat setting. 

How can I be more energy efficient in the winter?

First, you should minimize draughts in your home. Any gaps in your windows and doors that let warm air out and cold air in should be covered with draught excluders. These can be anything from specialized sealants and insulating strips, to rolled up newspapers or blankets. 

Floors with cracks and gaps are also a frequent cause of heat loss, so make sure to check them carefully and seal any gaps with a silicone-based sealant that’s designed for draught-proofing.

Here are 5 easy ways to conserve energy this winter: 

  • Wear warmer clothing. Even just turning down your thermostat by a single degree can save you as many as 70 dollars a year, so consider wearing some warm slippers and a bathrobe around the house.
  • Keep interior doors closed. This will trap heat inside individual rooms and dramatically reduce heat loss.
  • Cook smarter. Your oven likely heats up all shelves regardless of whether there’s food on those shelves or not. By cooking multiple meals at the same time, you’ll not only be reducing energy consumption, but also saving time.
  • Leave the oven door open. When it comes to reducing your energy bill, every little thing helps. After you’ve finished cooking, throw the oven door open and let the excess heat go into your home.
  • Reduce the pressure. All that water you’re using while showering has to be heated, and that takes a lot of energy. By investing in a water-efficient shower head, you’ll be saving quite a bit of money.

Where can I book a high-quality heating installation in Cherry Hill, NJ?

What is the most energy efficient temperature in the winter?

Unfortunately, none of the above advice is going to help you if you have a faulty or old furnace or heater that eats up energy like nobody’s business. Luckily, Allied Experts is a trusted HVAC contractor in Cherry Hill that boasts the experience, equipment, and expertise necessary to fix your HVAC system or replace it with a cutting-edge alternative. 

Whatever your HVAC-related needs may be, don’t hesitate to give us a call today. We’ll happily deal with whatever issue you may have while you take a relaxing stroll by the Barclay Farmstead with your loved ones. 

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