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Regularly maintaining your heating and cooling system is the only surefire way to ensure peak performance and optimal comfort in your home. But what does HVAC maintenance entail? Why is it important to have your unit inspected and cleaned on a regular basis? 

What is HVAC maintenance?

In this article, the leading experts for HVAC repair in the Cherry Hill, NJ area touch on the significance of proper HVAC maintenance and explain what a professional maintenance plan typically looks like. Read on! 

What is HVAC maintenance?

A routine maintenance plan usually includes a variety of inspection and cleaning tasks that boost the performance of your system and minimize the risk of breakdowns. Here’s what a typical maintenance plan may include: 

  • Inspecting air/oil filters 
  • Checking for water/refrigerant leaks 
  • Removing debris and cleaning all moving parts, blowers, condensing units, and so on 
  • Checking the motor and bearings 
  • Inspecting for strange vibrations or noise 
  • Inspecting the compressor 
  • Servicing the heat strips 
  • Inspecting electrical connections and wiring 
  • Inspecting fan motors 
  • Checking exhaust outlets 
  • Inspecting and testing the safety controls 
  • Checking and calibrating the thermostat 

These are just some of the tasks that would likely be included in a maintenance tune-up. If you choose a reputable HVAC contractor, you should be able to schedule a maintenance program that optimizes the performance of each part of your HVAC system. 

How important is HVAC maintenance?

There are several reasons why maintaining your heating and cooling system is essential. They include: 

  • Boosted efficiency: having your unit routinely cleaned and serviced is bound to improve the efficiency of the system and keep your home comfortable without consuming a great amount of energy. 
  • Lower bills: improved efficiency means lower energy consumption, and in turn, lower utility bills. Not only that but having proper insulation and lowering the risk of repairs and replacements is also bound to bring you great savings.
  • Better indoor air: regular maintenance doesn’t just keep your home comfortable, it also prevents air quality issues. Your HVAC technician will clean your coils and filters to minimize dirt and dust, as well as offer an array of air purification solutions. 
  • Extended lifespan: routinely inspecting and servicing your HVAC unit will prevent major repairs and boost the longevity of your furnace or air conditioner. With proper maintenance, your HVAC system is sure to serve you well throughout its lifespan. 
  • Lower risk of emergencies: proper maintenance will also resolve smaller issues, preventing major repairs in the process. You won’t have to worry about your system breaking down when you need it the most. 

In order to reap the benefits of HVAC maintenance, you should rely on experienced and knowledgeable technicians who will keep your best interests in mind when performing routine maintenance on your unit. They should be able to spot and resolve problems before they get out of hand as well as properly clean all moving parts and other components of your system. 

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How important is HVAC maintenance?

At Allied Experts, we strongly believe that proper installation coupled with routine maintenance is key to having a  highly efficient and long-lasting HVAC system. Our seasoned technicians will take steps to evaluate your needs, help you choose the right HVAC system, and expertly install it to ensure optimal comfort. On top of that, they will perform preventive tune-ups before each season, making sure you stay cool in summer and warm in winter. 

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