Top 5 Insulation Mistakes to Keep in Mind

Insulating your home is critical in creating a comfortable and energy-efficient living environment. However, navigating the world of insulation can be complex, and it’s all too easy to make costly mistakes along the way. 

We spoke to one of the best insulation companies in Marlton, NJ, and discussed some of the most common insulation mistakes homeowners usually make. Read on, as we’re about to shed light on how to avoid them and ensure your home stays cozy, efficient, and well-protected from the elements.

What should you not do when insulating your home?

What should you not do when insulating your home

Keep these mistakes in mind the next time you decide to do a DIY insulation project or find yourself mulling over the one you’ve already started.

  1. Taking shortcuts and lack of insulation

One of the most common mistakes is not using enough insulation to achieve the desired R-value. The R-value measures the resistance to heat flow, which means the higher the value, the better the insulation. As a precaution, research the recommended R-values for your region well in advance and make sure your insulation meets or exceeds these standards.

  1. Low-quality installation 

There’s nothing wrong with DIY for smaller projects but think twice before undertaking something as crucial as home insulation by yourself. Why? Simply because its effectiveness can be significantly compromised when it is installed incorrectly. Some common installation errors include gaps, compression, and poor coverage. 

Furthermore, you should have specialized safety equipment on hand. Even though Icynene Spray Foam greatly reduces VOCs in the air, chemicals, and fiberglass require caution. Keeping your family’s safety in mind is another reason to rely on professionals.

  1. Ignoring gaps 

The presence of air leaks compromises insulation, resulting in drafts and heat transfer. For optimal results, you need to seal gaps around windows, doors, and potential openings. Use caulk, weatherstripping, or spray foam to tackle them and create a more energy-efficient home.

3. Choosing the wrong insulation material

There are different types of insulating materials for different types of houses. In some situations, spray foam may be perfect, but in others, it may be completely wrong. Forexample, let’s say you chose fiberglass for your basement insulation. Basements are dark, moist areas, and fiberglass traps moisture, which could cause you a lot of problems down the road. 

For those who wish to insulate their homes on their own, talk to a professional first as you might choose a material that’s not suitable.

  1. Blocking soffit vents

Here’s another example. The soffit vents are crucial for air circulation in an attic, so don’t block them when insulating. Otherwise, moisture and ventilation issues may arise. The air should be able to flow freely  from the soffit vents through the ridge vent and other attic exhaust vents.

  1. Taking out old insulation

In some cases, homeowners may be tempted to remove old insulation before installing a new one. While this might seem like a logical step, it’s not always necessary and can be a costly mistake. 

In many situations, new insulation can complement existing insulation and improve energy efficiency. However, if the old insulation is damaged, damp, or moldy, it should be removed and replaced. Also, according to the development history of insulation, asbestos presence can require the removal of insulation in older homes.

What are the best home insulation companies in Marlton, NJ?

insulation marlton, nj

Is your house hard to keep at a comfortable temperature? You have a perfectly functioning heating and cooling system, but your energy bills never go down. Well, these signs might indicate that it’s time to replace your insulation. No worries, though. Marlton residents have trusted us for years to help with their energy efficiency issues, and we can do the same for you.

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