Top 3 Causes of Sewage Backup & What To Do About Them

Sewage backup is just about the worst plumbing emergency a homeowner can experience. In addition to being extremely nasty, an overflowing toilet can ruin your belongings, damage your plumbing system, and introduce dangerous germs and parasites into your home.

But why does sewage backup occur and how do you prevent it? Is there any way to quickly fix it once it occurs? Can a regular plumbing service in Cherry Hill, NJ, detect problems with your sewage system and deal with them before they can cause a backup?

In previous articles, we discussed some of the most common plumbing issues and provided a few tips on how to prevent them from happening. Now we’ll explain what causes sewage backup and how you can keep it from occurring at your place. Read on.

What is a sewage backup?

Sewage backup occurs when a clogged or damaged plumbing system prevents wastewater from draining away from your home. The issue typically starts in the main sewer line that connects your property to the municipal sanitary sewers.

If left unaddressed, wastewater will keep filling your drain pipes and sewer lines, until it eventually overflows right back into your house. To say that this isn’t something you want to happen would be putting it mildly.

How do I stop sewer backup in my house?

If sewage is already backing up into your home, you need to contact emergency plumbers ASAP. Do whatever you can to contain the problem and prevent additional damage to your belongings until the professionals arrive. Luckily, by staying vigilant and doing some preventative maintenance, you can avoid ever finding yourself in this situation.

Here’s how to address 3 common causes of sewer backup:

1. Obstruction

A clogged sewer line is the most common cause of a sewer backup. If just one area is backing up (eg., a sink, toilet, or tub), then you may just be dealing with a blocked drain. However, if the problem occurs in multiple places, the issue may lie with your main sewer line.

Avoid throwing large amounts of the following items into your drains:

  • Coffee grounds
  • Food waste
  • Oils and fats
  • Soap residue
  • Paper (tissues, cleaning wipes, paper towels, toilet paper)
  • Diapers and hygiene products

2. Old sewer system

Although sewer pipes are built to last, they still have a limited service life. If your home is connected to an aging sewage system, you should have it inspected for cracks, leaks, or collapses. Replacing or repairing old sewer lines can prevent not only sewage backup, but various other problems as well.

3. Tree roots

Tree roots are always looking for water, so they will naturally grow toward underground pipes. They can create holes in the pipes, grow through them, or even completely wrap around and crush your sewer line.

The risk of this happening is increased if there are large shrubs or trees in your or your neighbors’ yards. Consider trimming the roots or removing large plants and replacing them with flowers, low shrubs, and other types of greenery.

Where can I schedule a professional plumbing service in Cherry Hill, NJ, and the nearby communities?

What is a sewage backup

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