How to Find the Best Summer Settings for Your Air Conditioner

It’s no secret that utility bills tend to shoot up during summer. In an effort to keep their homes cool and comfortable during the hottest months of the year, homeowners often crank up the cooling on their air conditioners and leave them running even when they’re not home.

This approach not only causes you to spend more energy than you need to, but it can also cause your AC to suffer serious malfunctions that can only be fixed by professional air conditioner repair services in Hamilton, NJ.

In previous articles, we gave you some pointers on how to prepare your AC for the cooling season, and listed the most common causes of AC breakdowns during summer and how to prevent them. Now, we’ll help you find the optimal summer temperatures for your AC that will help you save energy without making any compromises on comfort. Read on. 

What is the right AC temperature?

The “right” air conditioner temperature varies from household to household. Some people like warmer temperatures, while others don’t feel comfortable unless the temperatures have been set to very low settings.

Furthermore, the size of your home also plays a role, especially if your AC isn’t the perfect size for your space. Finally, some homes are better insulated than others and require less cooling to remain at the desired temperatures. 

Here’s how to find your ideal temperature:

Step #1: Turn on the ceiling fan

Fans create a refreshing breeze that makes the room feel up to 5 degrees cooler even if the actual temperature remains the same. Just don’t forget to switch off the fan when you leave the room to conserve energy.

Step #2: Gradually raise the temperature

If you’re used to low temps during summer, you should try increasing the settings by 1-2 degrees Fahrenheit and leave them like that for a few hours or even days. Once your body has acclimated to the new setting, increase the temperatures by another 1-2 degrees and repeat the process.

Keep doing this until you’ve found the highest AC setting that’s still pleasant for you and your family. This will both keep your home comfortable and your energy bills down.

Step #3: Increase the temperatures at night

Once you’ve found the temperature you and the other members of your household are happy with, it’s a good idea to increase the temperature by 4 degrees Fahrenheit when you’re sleeping and 7 degrees Fahrenheit when nobody is at home.

What is a good temperature to set your thermostat in the summer?

If you don’t have the time to go through the process we outlined above, you can always follow the recommendations provided by Energy Star and the Department of Energy. If you have a smart or programmable thermostat, you can use these settings to easily match your cooling needs with your schedule.

The recommended settings are:

  • 78 degrees when you’re home
  • 85 degrees when you’re at work or otherwise away
  • 82 degrees when you’re asleep

Where can I book expert air conditioner repair services in Hamilton, NJ?

What is the right AC temperature

As any homeowner who has had their AC abruptly go out during a hot summer day will tell you, having a working air conditioner is absolutely crucial for your and your family’s comfort and wellbeing during the cooling season.

As an established HVAC and plumbing service provider in Hamilton and other communities across New Jersey, Allied Experts is uniquely positioned to keep the essential systems in your home running smoothly and efficiently at all times.

Schedule our services today, and take a relaxing stroll through Mercer County Park with your family while our technicians meet whatever AC-related needs you may have.

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