4 Expert Tips for Insulating an Old Home

Owning an older, classic home has a certain charm. However, there are also a few disadvantages – particularly in the winter. Unlike modern houses, an old home often comes at the cost of drafts, inadequate temperature regulation, and high moisture levels. The reason behind this is simple. Air leaks are common in homes built before the 1960s, and many were not well insulated.

Making your house a more comfortable place to live doesn’t always require a complete makeover. Read on to find out how to upgrade your home’s insulation, no matter if you live in Cherry Hill or elsewhere in the area.

How to insulate an old house without damaging it?

Quality work requires advanced insulation expertise and specialized equipment and materials. Plus, some common insulation methods can damage your house over time. As someone with no prior experience in this specialty, it’s best to leave this work to those with experience in the field.

1. Tackle the attic & roof first

An average home loses about a quarter of its heat through its roof. Instead of insulating the whole house and risking issues such as excess humidity, make sure your attic is properly sealed. Saving energy and retaining heat begins here. Sealing and insulation your attic floor will prevent conditioned air from passing through the ceiling and right out of the roof.

2. Seal basement & crawl spaces

Sealing basements and crawl spaces can also improve an old home’s indoor climate without harming its natural ventilation. Ensure all ductwork, electrical wiring, and pipes are sealed, as well as basement air vents. Install well covers on egress windows if there aren’t any. Additionally, apply a waterproof sealing compound to walls and floors to create a vapor or moisture barrier. Remember that adding batt insulation to floor joists provides additional protection. If you want to keep rodents out of your crawl space, seal entry points before you insulate it.

3. Reinforce wall insulation

Generally, vintage homes aren’t built for extreme cold or high temperatures. This is mainly due to weather conditions that were not as extreme as they are today. In many old houses, wood shavings are used as insulation instead of proper insulation materials. Adding insulation to your exterior walls before layering drywall is a good way to make your old walls warmer and more comfortable in the winter and colder in the summer.

4. Keep doors, windows & fireplaces in mind

Where can I find an expert insulation company in Cherry Hill & the area

See if your windows and doors are letting in draughts. Frames of wooden sliding windows often wear down over time, resulting in gaps where draughts easily enter. Another common source of cold airflow comes from fireplace chimneys, usually leading into the roof cavity – sometimes even the living room itself. But once you fix gaps and holes, you’ll see the difference it makes.

Where can I find an expert insulation company in Cherry Hill & the area?

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