What Are UV Lights for HVAC Systems and Should You Install Them?

Like other successful industries, the Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning industry is always looking for ways to supply their clients with higher quality products. To this end, they use cutting-edge technologies to boost the capabilities of the average homeowner’s HVAC systems. 

In addition to producing more efficient and durable heating and cooling systems, these technologies have greatly reduced indoor air pollution in American homes. One of the ways they limit the number of pathogens, mold, dander, and other pollutants in the air is through the use of special ultraviolet light attachments for HVAC systems.  

But what are these UV light attachments, and how do they work? Are there different types of ultraviolet lamps for HVAC systems? Is there an AC installation service in Cherry Hill, NJ, that can provide you with these attachments? Read on to find out. 

Is UV light for AC worth it?

Ultraviolet light produces UVC radiation, which is a known and highly effective disinfectant for water, air, and nonporous surfaces. UV lamps are so good at killing germs that over the years they’ve come to be known as germicidal lamps. 

The advantages of UV attachments for HVAC systems include:

  • UV light kills 99% of bacteria, mold, and mildew that pass through it
  • It reduces the amount of other dangerous airborne microbes to non-harmful levels
  • Ultraviolet light and advanced filter systems catch more dust, therefore boosting the efficiency of your HVAC system

What does UV light do in AC?

The purpose of the UV light attachments is to keep pollutants out of your indoor air. If you or another member of your household suffers from respiratory problems, an UV lamp attachment in your HVAC can greatly alleviate your symptoms and improve your quality of life. 

There are two main kinds of HVAC UV light attachments:

Ductwork UV lights

These UV lamps are installed inside the ducts that bring return air to the HVAC system. They operate by sterilizing the air that’s being distributed to the rest of the property. These lamps come in different variants (U-shaped, stick-shaped, etc.), some of which are designed to constantly emit light while others only turn on when the blower motor is running.

Coil-based UV lights

These UV lights are placed inside air conditioners. They’re designed to prevent bacteria and mold from forming inside the airborne moisture that forms inside the AC unit as it operates. Coil UV lights are usually installed on the AC coils and set to run constantly. 

Does UV light clean air?

The UV light attachments are designed to kill airborne bacteria and fungal spores, and prevent them from propagating throughout your home. Nonetheless, ultraviolet lamps can’t actually remove dust and dead fungi from the air, so allergens will still be present.

However, High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) and other top-quality air filters can trap these larger particulates and keep them from contaminating your indoor air. For this reason, homeowners are advised to install both the filters and the UV lights. 

Where can I schedule a superb AC installation service in Cherry Hill, NJ?

What does UV light do in AC

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