The Essential History of Air Conditioning

Did you know that Americans used to think that cooling indoor air was sinful and that this superstition managed to survive well into the early years of the twentieth century? Back in the day, people thought that only divine forces were allowed to regulate temperatures inside a home or workplace. Believe it or not, this is far from the weirdest thing that you’ll learn if you start digging deeper into the history of air conditioning.

We’ve previously discussed the advantages regular AC maintenance provides, provided a short air conditioner tune-up checklist, and listed some of the problems that can cause an AC to break down. Now we’ll take a look at a time long before anyone in Cherry Hill, NJ, had to worry about AC repair or even knew what air conditioning was. Read on.

When was air conditioning invented

When was air conditioning invented?

The first electrical AC was built in 1902 by Willis Haviland Carrier. This 25-year-old engineer wasn’t trying to create a home cooling system. His goal was to assist a local printing plant by inventing a device to help ink cool faster.

In any case, his invention was a smashing success that rapidly found many new applications over the following 13 years. The growing demand eventually prompted Carrier to found the Carrier Air Conditioning Company of America. Today, this company is the global leader in central AC manufacturing.

In 1931, H.H. Schultz and J.Q. Sherman invented a window-mounted AC unit that was compact enough to cool a single area or room. This technology was further improved during the following decades and eventually led to the air conditioner boom of the 1950s, with factories struggling to keep up with the demand for new ACs.

How has air conditioning changed over time?

Although Willis Carrier invented the first modern AC, that’s not to say that it hadn’t been tried before. The earliest recorded attempts date back to ancient Rome. Wealthy Romans used to build their houses in a way that enabled cool water from the nearby aqueduct systems to circulate through their floors and walls.

The next notable advancement occurred in the 17th century when a Dutch inventor named Cornelius Drebbel used a mixture of snow, water, salt, and potassium nitrate to cool a house. The resulting cooling was too cold and has reportedly caused a shivering King James to flee from Drebbel’s demonstration in Westminster Abbey.

Other major moments in AC history include:

  • 1881. Doctors invented a device that blew air through drenched sheets to keep the dying president James Garfield more comfortable.
  • 1928. Thomas Midgley Jr. invented the famous Freon refrigerant.
  • 1930. The White House got its very own central AC system.
  • 1977. The first heat pumps were invented.
  • 1990s. Microprocessors became more widely available, which made AC units significantly more affordable.
  • 2007. The growing awareness of the ecological impact of modern heating and cooling systems caused the State Council to outlaw some types of toxic refrigerants.
How has air conditioning changed over time

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