When to Replace Attic Insulation?

Attic insulation plays a key role in home construction. While natural insulation materials degrade over time, synthetic insulation can last almost a century if properly maintained. The question is, how do we know when it’s the right time for a new one?

To help homeowners make an informed decision, it’s always helpful to know telltale signs your attic needs insulation replacement and its benefits. So, keep an eye out for these 4 signs listed below and have an experienced insulation company on hand for insulation upgrades in your Cherry Hill residence.

How do I know if my attic insulation needs to be replaced?

You may need to replace your current insulation for a variety of reasons. Here are some of the common ones:

  1. Mold growth 

Moldy attic insulation or surrounding surfaces, such as plywood discoloration or visible mold growth along the ceiling, clearly indicates that attic insulation needs to be removed and replaced.

There are two reasons why mold grows in your attic:

  • You need to replace the attic insulation and repair mold damage.
  • It’s necessary to identify and eliminate moisture sources.

However, installing new insulation won’t fix your problem with moisture. To find out what’s causing it, hire a professional to inspect your attic. Otherwise, you’ll soon be dealing with more mold in your attic if you don’t fix the root cause.

  1. A rodent infestation

An infestation of rodents can be devastating to an attic space. Attics are their ideal nesting spots because they protect them from predators and extreme weather conditions. 

Rodents can cause the following problems:

  • Strange smells are coming from your attic.
  • Noises coming from your ceiling, such as scratching or scurrying.
  • Ceilings and walls are closely examined by pets.
  • Your attic space is filled with rodent droppings.
  • There is damage to the insulation or your belongings.

Removing and disinfecting contaminated areas and reinsulating are essential steps toward repairing the damage for those who suffer from rodent infestations in their attics.

  1. Leaky roof

Roof leaks are common problems for homeowners, and  need to be addressed as soon as possible. Having a leaky roof may also require changing the insulation in your attic. The reason for this is that leaking water can easily damage the insulation beneath.

Wet attic insulation is not an effective insulator. Insulation types like fiberglass batts and cellulose insulation retain more insulating properties when wet, yet mold appears on all wet insulation over time.

  1. Issues with heating or cooling

Temperature fluctuations inside your home that are higher than they should be could suggest that the insulation in your home has been compromised. For instance, if your home warms up too quickly during the summer or gets too cold during the winter months, replacing it will increase its efficiency, and reveal other issues you should address.

Where can I find an experienced insulation company in Cherry Hill & the area?

Are you wondering how to choose the right insulation material for your home or perhaps you’re unsure what type of HVAC duct insulation you need? Not a problem, Allied Experts got you covered! You can rely on our highly-qualified experts who have years of experience and are equipped with the latest technology.

We recognize the benefits of proper insulation, so we make sure you’re safe and comfortable all year round. You can depend on us for all your heating, cooling, and plumbing issues, whether you live near Cherry Hill Arena or elsewhere in the area. Give us a call today!

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