Who Knows Your Home Best? Home Performance Contractors or General Contractors?

When the seasons start to change people start to adapt to a new set of temperatures and weather patterns. Here in New Jersey that includes temperatures rising into the nineties and the potential for summer thunderstorms flashing across the sky. With this change in our outside environment comes a need, as homeowners, to reflect on if the different pieces of our home are all working properly.

It could be something simple, like a broken window, or maybe you’ve noticed something broader. For example, what if the second floor of your house is trapping humidity or seems noticeably hotter than the first floor? As you ponder who to call to help you get a little relief from the heat, you and your home would benefit from knowing the difference between a general contractor (GC) and a home performance contractor (HPC).

A Simple Fix or a Comprehensive Solution?

When a general contractor is called, they will often hire other subcontractors to work on isolated issues or upgrades as you present them. This could be the installation of new kitchen tiles, or perhaps, getting a new set of light fixtures put up. While well-intentioned in fixing smaller problems as presented, a GC may lack accredited training and a quantitative understanding of home-health indicators such as energy efficiency. Most importantly, a general contractor doesn’t take a “whole-house” mentality to homecare.

A home performance contractor specializes in looking at your house as one comprehensive unit, understanding how different aspects of your home may impact each other. The HPC drills deeper, considering aspects such as comfort, health and safety, energy efficiency, and indoor air quality.

Consider the example discussed above, where temperatures differ between floors. A GC may suggest the installation of an AC unit on the upper floor. Yet the team of home performance contractors here at Allied Experts would take their “house-as-a-system” approach to hand and see what the problem is a little bit trickier than that.

In this case, a home performance contractor may conduct a blower door test to measure air tightness, finding that leaks in the attic are letting the hot and muggy air in. Because an HPC comes equipped with a solid understanding of building science, he or she will then be able to air seal and add insulation to the problem area.

Allied: The NJ Home Performance Contractors You Can Trust

At Allied, we pride ourselves on our status as certified home performance contractors, able to tackle the challenges to home energy efficiency, health, and comfort that go a cut above. As GoldStar members of the Building Performance Institute, we can help you improve your home for the long-term with a comprehensive solution.

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