Top 4 Most Common Air Conditioner Problems in Summer

It’s impossible to emphasize the importance of making sure your AC works flawlessly during the upcoming summer. With the coronavirus pandemic still forcing us to stay at home as much as possible, it’s highly likely that we’ll all be relying on our air conditioners more than usual.

In order to help you avoid costly air conditioner repairs and ensure the AC at your Hamilton, NJ, property stays operational throughout the summer, we have prepared a list of 4 common causes of air conditioner breakdowns that tend to occur during the hotter months of the year. Keep reading to learn more. 

Why does my AC break every summer?

The average AC unit lives a tough life. It’s constantly exposed to the harsh weather, temperature fluctuations, debris and dirt buildup, and other difficult conditions. Hot summers are particularly problematic because the air conditioner has to work extra hard to keep up with the high temperatures.

When exposed to these conditions for an extended period of time, an AC unit that doesn’t receive regular maintenance will suffer from increased wear and eventually fail in some way. If this occurs every summer, it means one or more components in your AC have become seriously damaged. 

Having your AC regularly serviced by qualified technicians and using summer-friendly thermostat settings will go a long way toward preventing future breakdowns and keeping your AC working great throughout the year. 

Why does my AC stop working when it’s hot?

Air conditioners are complex devices that can fail in many different ways. Knowing how to detect these problems before they get out of hand can help prevent more severe (and expensive) malfunctions down the road. 

Here are 4 common causes of AC breakdowns during summer:

1. Frozen evaporator coils

Believe it or not, some malfunctions can cause your air conditioner to develop an ice buildup even in the middle of a heatwave. When this occurs, the AC will begin blowing warm air, or not blow any air out at all.

This occurs as a result of:

  • Malfunctioning thermostat
  • Insufficient airflow
  • Grimy filters
  • Too many closed or blocked ducts and vents
  • Fan-related problems
  • Low refrigerant

2. Dirty condenser coils

The condenser coils are located in an AC’s exterior unit. Their job is to remove warm air from your property. Over time, dirt, debris, and other grime can build up on the condenser coils and eventually cause it to become clogged. 

This will impede heat transfer and make your AC work harder, which will make it wear down faster and spend more energy. In extreme cases, your air conditioner may even end up overheating.

3. Faulty fans

Most air conditioners contain two fans: one that blows air over the evaporator coil, and another that removes warm air by blowing it over the condenser coils. Malfunctioning fans will cause your AC to have insufficient airflow, which will result in all sorts of issues.

4. It’s at the end of its service life

A properly maintained AC should last at least 10-15 years. Even so, regular wear will eventually cause it to lose efficiency and begin breaking down in some way. When this occurs, replacing the AC with a newer, more efficient model is usually a better financial decision. 

Who should I call when I need top-tier air conditioner repair in Hamilton, NJ?

Why does my AC stop working when it's hot

Your air conditioner is one of the most essential systems in your home or workplace. Having it installed, maintained, and repaired by reputable HVAC technicians is absolutely vital in order to ensure you and your family’s comfort during the upcoming summer months. 

As a long-standing provider of HVAC and plumbing services in Hamilton and other New Jersey communities, Allied Experts is the top choice for all your AC needs. Book our services today, and spend a leisurely afternoon at the Sayen Park Botanical Garden while our experts make all your AC problems go away.

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