Why Is Upstairs So Hot?

Picture this, soon we will be in a typical New Jersey summer, and we have our share of heat along with the dreaded Humidity!

At most workplaces it’s nice and cool.
Driving in the car… not too bad.
Getting home to your 2 story home is nice. But wait…. You just spent a few hours downstairs and set your thermostat accordingly and now it’s time for bed, upstairs should be nice and comfortable…right? But no sooner do you get to the 2nd floor and WHAM. It’s hot up there!

Do you wonder what’s wrong with the air conditioner? Do you lower the thermostat even more?

Sound familiar??

This is a struggle for many homeowners throughout our area and the typical reaction from homeowners is “my AC is broken”

This could be a mechanical issue that requires service, maybe the air conditioner is undersized for your home or you have an older, lower efficiency unit.  Or….

Maybe it’s not your equipment.

At  Allied Experts we have heard this story a thousand times and we have solutions for every home and every situation.

Why is this happening?

#1. Your Attic

Yes, the room you never visit. In the attic there are many escape points for hot air to settle down on your second floor.  Air Sealing these cracks and crevices is a major step to preventing hot air leaking into your living space and the cool air generated by your air conditioner  moving up into the attic.  Summer attic temps can be 140 degrees or more in a lot of New Jersey homes and because you have air leaks, your air conditioner unit is working overtime to satisfy the thermostat setting.

**It has been calculated the air escaping from cracks and crevices is the equivalent to leaving a window open all year round. The Department of Energy estimates 30% of a home heat loss is through the attic/roof.

#2.  Insulation

Most homes lack a sufficient amount of insulation. A majority of homes have the insulation levels from 20 to 40 years ago.  


That may have been adequate then but now it doesn’t meet the New Jersey standard energy code. Energy costs have gone up considerably (as we know) and we tend to forget about our attic space when considering a higher utility bill. By upgrading your attic insulation, you can reduce the amount of cooling or heating air that escapes through your attic.

#3.  Ventilation

Leaky duct work or dirty ducts can be a major problem in your home.  Sealing ducts makes perfect sense. Why throw money away.

Time to take action!  Control your home, don’t let it control how you live!

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