Winter Doesn’t Have to Mean Dry, Stale Air at Home

As temperatures drop, you’re probably already feeling the effects of central heating. But those itchy hands, cracked lips, and dry mouth don’t have to be the norm during the winter. If you’re tired of experiencing the effects of dry, stale air at home during the colder months, it’s time to improve your home’s indoor air quality for good.

What Affects Indoor Air Quality?

Many homeowners don’t realize just how much the quality of their home’s indoor air affects their household. In addition to airborne chemicals, mold spores, particulates, viruses, and bacteria — humidity levels and poor ventilation all affect the indoor air quality of your home. This means dry skin, noses, and throats but also an increased potential for illnesses like the cold and flu.

Why Is Humidity & Ventilation Crucial During the Winter?

During our hot and humid New Jersey summers, you experience the adverse effects of humidity on a daily basis when you’re left feeling sticky and hot. However, low humidity during the winter can be nearly as uncomfortable. When there’s not much moisture in the air due to lower outdoor temperatures and indoor heating, bacteria and viruses thrive. In fact, they can survive while airborne in low humidity for long periods of time, leading to constant colds, flus, and infections since your ability to resist them is also lowered.

Because your windows are closed tight as soon as the bitter cold temperatures hit, you’re not letting any fresh air in. This makes your home feel stale and doesn’t dilute potential indoor air quality pollutants. The concentrations of dust, irritants, and contaminants simply build up, so not only do you experience the negative effects of low humidity, but you’re also stuck with unhealthy indoor air.

How to Combat Dry, Stale Air at Home During the Winter

To improve your home’s indoor air quality this winter, there are several things you can do, including:

  • Being more aware of the types of cleaning products and other chemicals you use — swap them out for natural, homemade varieties if possible.
  • Upgrading to air purifiers in your HVAC system to prevent unhealthy air from being circulated.
  • Air sealing your home to keep warm air in and unpleasant, cold drafts out.
  • Considering a whole-home ventilation system to allow fresh air in, an air purification system to remove pollutants, and a humidifier to make dry winter air a thing of the past.

At Allied Energy Efficiency Experts, we’re here to make your winter as comfortable, healthy, and energy efficient as possible. We’ll help determine exactly what your home needs so that you and your family can enjoy your time indoors instead of getting sick and feeling uncomfortable.

Ready to make your home more comfortable and healthy this winter? Call (856) 528-2822 or contact us to schedule an indoor air quality consultation.

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