Your House Is Talking to You — Are You Listening?

The chill of winter may make you shiver when you’re outside, but that doesn’t mean you should be cold and uncomfortable inside your home. If the winter wind seems to follow you indoors, your house is telling you that you’ve got a draft problem.

The Problem with Drafts

Indoor drafts are more than a minor nuisance; they can greatly undermine home comfort and efficiency. Problems associated with drafts include:

  • Heat loss
  • Decreased comfort
  • Overworked heating system
  • High energy bills

The Solution

Schedule an energy audit

An energy audit will tell you exactly where there is air leaking into and out of your home.

Air seal

Air sealing will eliminate holes and cracks which allow cold outside air to enter in winter.


Insulation will prevent indoor heat from escaping, keeping it right where you want it.

Allied can help you eliminate drafts this winter by assessing your home’s building envelope, sealing air leaks, and insulating where necessary.

Contact us to get rid of drafts for good!

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In the U.S., 50% of all Heating and Cooling systems installed are sized incorrectly.

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