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Funding a new cooling system has never been easier

Allied Experts has some great news to share. PSE&G has incredible funding opportunities regarding their Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® program. This will provide homeowners in Marlton, Cherry Hill, and Mount Laurel with a greater chance of being approved for rebate programs and afford you the opportunity to upgrade your heating and cooling systems and water heaters, as well as your home’s insulation to meet the energy efficiency standards that have been set in place by the state of New Jersey.

What are PSE&G air conditioning rebates? 

Rebates are partial refunds on the cost of specific products or services. The PSE&G rebate program enables you to get back a portion of your investment when you replace your gas or electric appliances with high efficiency units. It includes a detailed energy assessment of your property in Marlton to determine how it measures up in terms of insulation, air leakage, and HVAC system operations. Homeowners can look forward to On-Bill Repayment Programs (OBRP), 0% APR financing, and rebates of up to $5000.

How can Allied Experts help with PSE&G AC rebates in Cherry Hill?

This incentive provides customers in Mount Laurel, Marlton and Cherry Hill with an opportunity to reduce their long-term energy expenditures while simultaneously improving the durability, safety, and comfort of their residential properties. We can help you take advantage of the PSE&G energy program by performing a free, detailed examination of your property and providing professional assistance with filing an application and navigating the rebate process.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of a PSE&G rebate? 

Rebates are retroactive payments that effectively reduce the overall price of a service or product at a later date.

Customers first pay the full or reduced cost of an appliance, and then can claim their rebate to cover some or even all of the initial investment. The result is that homeowners in Cherry Hill and Mount Laurel can upgrade their HVAC systems and make their properties more efficient at a significantly reduced cost.

Who is eligible for a PSE&G air conditioning rebate? 

To be eligible for Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® program, you have to meet the following conditions:

  • You need to have an active PSE&G residential gas, electric, or dual fuel account.
  • The appliance you’re buying needs to have an ENERGY STAR® certification.
  • The appliance has to be brand new. Refurbished or used equipment isn’t eligible.
  • You can wait no longer than 90 days after purchase to submit your application.
  • Purchases from online sellers aren’t eligible. You can only apply for rebates for appliances that were bought at physical retail outlets.

How do I apply for PSE&G ENERGY STAR rebates? 

If you’re a homeowner in Cherry Hill, Marlton, Mount Laurel, or any other town in PSE&G territory, you can participate in this energy program by following these 3 steps:

  • Step #1: Get in touch with a participating contractor such as Allied Experts and book an appointment.
  • Step #2: Select one or more energy-saving improvements you wish to make to your property (insulation, heating and cooling, etc.).
  • Step #3: Our team will help you fill your application and submit it on your behalf. We will then install your chosen system and provide guidance on how to claim your rebate.

What are PSE&G rebates and financing? 

Depending on the results of your assessment,

you could qualify for rebates up to $5,0000 and you may be eligible for up to $25,000 in interest-free on-bill repayment to help you pay for your upgrades.

Who offers professional assistance with PSE&G air conditioning rebate programs in Marlton, Mount Laurel, and Cherry Hill, NJ & the area? 

Having the right team in your corner is vital to ensure your Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® program application is filled out and submitted correctly, and to verify your new cooling and heating systems are eligible for these benefits.

Located in Cherry Hill, Allied Experts is a reputable provider of HVAC, insulation, and plumbing services that cater to homeowners across Cherry Hill Township and the surrounding communities. We’re a 9-times Energy Star® Century Club and National Home Performance Contractor of the Year Award winner with more than 8000 completed projects and hundreds of 5-star reviews.

We’ll assist you at all stages of your PSE&G rebate program, including performing a comprehensive examination of your home, supplying detailed recommendations on how to improve its energy efficiency, and guide you through every stage of the rebate application process. Contact us today if you’d like to take advantage of our services or learn more about what we can do for you.

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